Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Art of the Pee Handstand or The World Is My Toilet According To Wizzy

The blogger heading may be the longest title I have written for a post. I just could not decide so you got both of them. Those of you who follow my musings are aware that my little yorkie has luxating patella which is a fancy terminology for dislocating kneecaps due to hereditary problems and a bad breeder who shall remain nameless. I have discussed the surgery with my vet many times. After much research,we have both come to the conclusion that we will delay the operation until such time it effects his mobility or it becomes too painful for him. Wizzy can run like the wind, never cries, and can jump like a trooper. You would never know he has a knee impediment unless you watched him hop, skip and slide the bone back in place.( This drives me crazy as I have a long time knee phobia of my own). My little lover has adapted to his weaker leg in the most peculiar way. Wizard loves his walks. The world is his toilet. He wants the neighborhood to know he is around the town. He has his favorite posts and hydrants and loves to stop at every one of them. He is not nor has he ever been a squatter. Wizzy is a real boy leg lifter. Problem is he has had to compensate for his back leg weakness and often he will stop and pee on the poles doing his unique little handstand balancing on his front paws only. He navigates his stream with male pride and the joy of release. He will often turn to me for the words 'good boy ' and I reciprocate with a treat assuring his place in the big world. I suppose it may seem a strange sight to others watching a little furball doing a 'pawstand' for a pee break. For Wiz and I , it has become a normal occurrence. I have often meant to bring my camera to catch the pee performance in progress. One day I will...until then ..
we continue on our merry way until we reach the next pitstop that needs a Wiz mark.