Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another Daring Episode of ...

..... where in the world is Ma ?
Clue # 1 : Play me some mountain music .
Clue # 2 : Nanaimo bars can make you fat .
Clue # 3 : Redwood , red wine , and redheads .

S.O.S . Ma believes she is being fattened up for a sacrificial , native ritual to happen sometime this weekend . Blackberries may be involved .

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ten Thoughts on Whole Living

Learn to receive what others have to offer , and you will enable someone else to give .

Becoming aware of your habits is the key to intentional life .

Your stuff reflects you . As your needs evolve , find new homes for your old things .

True release comes from sustained relaxation .

Worry narrows . Gratitude expands .Find ways to celebrate all that you have .

Redefine your ideas of clean . Focus on removing dirt , not adding chemicals .

There's more than one path to long term health .

Pay close attention to pain . Your body makes its needs very clear .

Savor your alone time . Its restorative power can help you thrive in unexpected ways .

Vital change can't be forced . It begins with embracing where you are now .

Body + Soul ( September 2008 )

Thursday, September 11, 2008


To a citizens of the peaceful world , today is a Remembrance Day never wished upon anyone . I know where I was when the planes hit , and I am sure you knew where you were . This dark day in history is one that woke the world up to terrorism on a new level . Heroes who never wanted to be heroes . Angels before their time .
Take a moment today and say a prayer .
Our world still needs it .

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

And So It Came To Pass ...

.. that after the death of my beloved cat Redford , that Wiz and I became a team . I had certainly debated the what and the wherefore of Wizzy for a long time . The morning my cat was euthanised I came home , sat on my couch , and let the tears flow to release the pain I felt in my heart . As I sat there with Wizard , he lifted his tiny head from my lap , looked at me quizzically , placed his two front paws on my lower face and with his tiny tongue washed the tears away . I had to smile just then . Either he was a saltaholic or he sensed something was just not right . Maybe both . It was in that moment that I knew his purpose and why he was still with me .
God does work in mysterious ways .

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Remembering Redford

It was much easier to post cute puppy pictures than to tell you that my beloved cat Redford was dying from the dreaded FIP virus . Feline Infectious Peritonitis ( FIP ) is always terminal and there is no preventative vaccination . At first, I blamed myself for being too busy training the new puppy and not noticing that my cat was getting thinner then suddenly bloated . My vet said even if I had noticed any health concerns earlier , there was little we could have done . His age and immune system were factors against him . Believe me when I say I would have spent whatever it took to give him quality of life back . Instead of talking about the virus that took his life , I would rather celebrate the 15 years I had with a very special cat with a personality as big as the sky .
Redford was named after Robert the actor . He was tough , persistent , stubborn and often cranky . Orange and white , cute, with a lower jaw that jutted out like a bull dog . Not much for purring . He loved corn ... and was infamous for running away with the cob and growling to hold on to his treasure . He lived with two German shepherds over his lifetime and dominated both of them . He bit a few people when they bothered him but he was always forgiven because we loved him . When he came to our family as kitten , he looked just like little orange teddy bear with rings on his tiny tail . He loved to sleep under my hair until he got older then he changed sleeping places on a weekly basis . He was declawed and deballed and could not have cared less . He was often trapped in the basement ceiling . When my mother in law came to live with us he was her baby and always smelled of her perfume . In '97 when I lost my own mother , he became my father's buddy and daily shadow . He demanded his meals on time and if you were late , he let you know it in no uncertain meows . He used up a lot of his 9 lives . One of the worst was when he swallowed one of my hearing aid molds and needed a major operation to save his life . He loved to hide in the smallest of boxes and wrapping paper . He knew the English language . He was the only ass slappin' cat I ever knew .
I use to say Redford was reincarnated . So many Redford stories . He was devilish , funny , clever , sneaky , smart ,and never ever took no for an answer . Reminds me of a lot of people ..cats .
We miss the Redford routine every day . He is probably eating cigarette butts and licking beer cans on that rainbow bridge somewhere with Dakota right about now .
God, we miss you buddy .