Monday, December 31, 2007

Ta Ta '07

We all know what they are doing tonight !
Happy New Year !!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Unique Gifts

Redford takes a puff and gets on a holiday high .

Redford's catnip . His comment : " Nothing like a good cigar . "
If dogs could swear : " What the woof .. ? "
Karma gets a port-a-bed . Karma's comment : " Do I have to carry it all day ? "
Yes that is a golden statue of a prancing man with an antelope head and antlers. Comments :"Why ? Is that the gay Oscar ? Is there a reason we need this ? Regift ? Who would want it ? Well it is a conversation piece . Doorstopper ? "
Ma's Wild African caramel coffee liqueur . Ma's comment : "Kittycakes will be so jealous ."

Dwan's Mix hat from N@. Redford's comment : " Is this a hat or a cat toy ? "
The mystery gift that glowed in the dark . It was full of make up to make Ma glow . Ma's comment : " Hey there is a battery in it . "
This one is a long story . N@'s comment : " Waaaay better Ma . "
His and hers frog statues . Corn's comments : " I guess we can hide .. I mean ..put them out on the deck . "
From sister to sister ... a pink flamingo in ballet shoes , a crown and a tutu . Flamingo flabbergasted . No comment .
For the golf nut from Ma . Jamer's comment : " I am actually going to use this . "
Dwan's unique cd holder . Grandpa's comment :" Why does it look like he is having sex ... giving the blocks to the box ? " Dwan to Grandpa : " He is holding it ! "
From her friend . Dwan's comment : " Wow , it is all vinegars ."
Dwan gives her Mom faux crocs with faux diamonds . Ma's comment :"Is this for New Years ? "
A unique gift from Dwan to replace his three remotes . Grandpa's comment :" I may be deaf but I am not blind . "

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Double Double Christmas

Dwan and I get the exactly the same recyclable bag and N@ and I give Dwan the same environmental book .
Scott @ N@ both get a set of crocs in exactly the same color ( that one was on purpose . )
N@ and I give each other exactly the same book "Pillars of the Earth . "
Scott and I are argyle twins and N@ gave me exactly the same sweater in a different color making it a triple threat .

It all started when Martha ( who is my special friend as well as my father's ) and I sent each other exactly the same Christmas card which shows that we not only have great taste but echoes how we both care about one another . The double , double coincidences set the trend for Christmas 2007.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Silent House , Empty House

Two of my Christmas lights went out this afternoon when N@ and Corn left on the plane back to their dogs and condo in Montreal . We had a wonderful time together . Scottypants and I had a fun, crazy time making the Christmas video for Maria. I just have to look at my daughter and I cannot help myself but smile . The minutes flew by like it always does when you are having a good time . Last night we played a game at Dawn's house called " What Does Yours Look Like? " My father had some answers that had me rolling on the floor laughing . Guess you had to be there ..... and I wish you were . This is exactly what James Stewart meant in the old movie "It's a Wonderful Life ."
You will not see any pictures of us saying good bye at the airport . Like N@ , I do not like to say good bye . Just the way we are .
Miss you .
Hello .
... and hugs .

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Holy Night

One night . One star . One baby . Hope . The reason for the season .

Peace in your heart .

Monday, December 24, 2007

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ma's Secret Santa

... is no secret anymore . It was N@ .

.fa la la la

Friday, December 21, 2007

Home For The Holidays

Merry Christmas Everyone !

Dear Santa ,

Thank you for all the times you left me such wonderful presents when I was just a little girl . It was always so difficult to fall asleep on Christmas Eve after leaving the milk and cookies and sugar for your reindeer . You must have enjoyed it because in the morning it was always gone . One night , I remember looking outside my second floor bedroom window and I knew you were on the rooftop . I could hear the reindeer trampling the snow off the roof . I always wondered how you fit in that old red chimney of ours . My brothers used to bang on the floor to wake my parents up around 4 or 5 am . My Dad wanted to get his lights up for the old video camera . We were almost blinded as we came down the staircase to see all the toys you had left for us under the Christmas tree . We had been trying our best to be good for months because of your huge telescope watching us from the North Pole . I jumped with glee when you left me that old tin high chair . I still have all those old Barbie dolls . My brothers were cowboys and my sister loved her Chatty Cathy doll . Remember Fluffy Santa ? He was the little white poodle puppy that you left sleeping in the kitchen near the fridge that year . So many wonderful presents Santa . I thank you for every one of them. Now that I am a bit older , I have come to realize that the best and most precious of gifts were not the ones you left under that tree . I understand the knowing smile on the faces of my Mom and Dad all those Christmas mornings . I understand that the unwrapped and invisible but very real gift of love is the one to be most thankful for .
May of all of you have many unwrapped and invisible gifts this year . Close your eyes and open your hearts to the feeling .
No speeding Santa . There is such a thing as a R.I.D.E. program now and they might mistake Rudolph's red nose .
Yours 'till the coffee perks ,
Ma Ho Ho Horton
ps . I almost forgot to say thank you for parceling up my N@ and Corn and sending both of them home to me for the holidays

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Joy To The World

Three Christmas Elves ( naughty or nice ? )
Bella , Karma , and Ma share a merry moment .
Christmas Karma loves the kookies .
Karma's new friend use to have a shepherd of his own for 10 years .

Dad, Bella and Karma share a Christmas smile .
Karma brought her own unique type of joy to the world at Spruce Hill Lodge today and my Dad and I brought the donuts . Wearing her red velvet Christmas collar , Karma jingled her way into the hearts of several of the residents this afternoon . While we were there , a choir from one of the local schools performed for the seniors . We listened to the sounds of children singing those familiar songs of Christmas past that we all grew up with . Karma worked the crowd with her dancing and friendly face . I knew that a lot of these people would not even remember that we had visited with them today . It matters not . Like the smiling dog that gave her love unconditionally to all who had the courage to pet her , these seniors live in the moment just like Karma.
Yes Virginia , there truly is a Santa Claus , and today she had four legs and a wagging tail .

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ma Births a Horton

Push . After many months of hard labor , pushing , grunting and maybe a profanity or two .... Ma birthed a new baby Tims today by C (coffee ) section . The new offspring popped out this morning for its debut to the shopping mall world . Birth stats : 1000 square feet . Ouch .
One small step for Tim Hortons . One giant leap for Ma.

Baby Timmie .
Always fresh just like Ma .
Surprised Steve shines the stainless steel .
The inside view .
Doris is a 10 year Tim vet and still smiles like it was her first time .
Ma's Bunns .
Two happy customers .

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Sons Of Maxwell

The boys wow the home town crowd .
Don croons a tune .
Dave Carroll sings Christmas carols .
Don and fellow smilers .
Martha and I with Judy , a rock star wife and my audiologist , whose husband not only played keyboard for the Sons of Maxwell but in his own band Compass Rose who opened for the boys .
They are the sons of Maxwell Carroll to be exact and they are two brothers from Timmins whose unique style of Celtic entertainment have captured the music world . Don is more mellow and a bit of a crooner with a smile that makes you feel like you have known him all your life . Dave is a songwriter and singer whose lyrics touch your heart immediately . Together they have won many prestigious awards in the Martimes and beyond . Every year the boys return home to perform their annual Christmas concert at their old high school . I love to attend , not only being a sponsor , but for the fact that the joyful singing never fails to put me in a holiday mood . Their mother Sharon , like any other proud Mom , organizes their concert here and is their biggest fan . She is a warm and wonderful woman and you can see where Don & Dave get their close family ties . Thank you Don & Dave for always coming home for the holidays and remembering your northern roots .
Now I have to "go tell it on the mountain , over the hills and everywhere .. "

Friday, December 07, 2007


" I wish I was eighteen again .
And going where I've never been .
But old folks and old oaks
Standing tall just pretend.
I wish I was eighteen again . "

I was 18 . It was my high school graduation prom night . My hair was as high as my spirits . My satin dress was hand sewn and turquoise like my eyes . father's eyes . Fresh faced and fancy free with all my hopes and dreams inside me . Three generations of Spears'. proud father and Grandmother . My grandfather used to affectionately call me " Donna Donut " . Who would have thought .

All Real

Ma got Kittycakes by the hair of his chinny chin chin ...and yep , it was as real as that sexy leopard cowboy shirt ( which I was insanely jealous of .. ) .

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Surprising N@

Dinner at Le Dente .
The Birthday Girl .
Ma's wrestling team.
My Dancing stars , MissKitty and Didier .
This dude Hugh Jass was everywhere .
Dawn , Didier , Kittycakes , and the happy dappy birthday gal .
Corn holding up the bar .
A little birthday happy ending ..tres romantique .
With the help of my secret cohorts , Corn and Kittycakes we were able to surprise N@ for her 32nd birthday . After Dawn and I got settled at the Versailles , we taxied to our designated restaurant , Le Dente . This was the first time ever we have ever done anything like this since N@ had been living in Montreal . Despite my sore throat and cough , I was excited to be with her on her special day . N@ said she recognized the back of her sister's head and that who else would the lady be behind the menu but me . We shopped on Saturday just enjoying our time together . Saturday night we honky tonked her birthday away at Spurs with her co workers and friends . By that time , I was on a lot of cold meds and was losing my voice . The highlight was meeting fellow blogger Misster Kitty and his charming partner Didier . They are two of the nicest people you would ever have the good fortune to meet . We had a lot of fun and laughing and that is just what makes life worth living .
There is no greater gift than that .
..and the only loser I picked up in the bar was Lary N. Gitis and his little hoarse .