Sunday, June 28, 2009

And Sings My Soul ( For Polly )

The rain came down today. It poured from the heavens like the Lord had overturned a bucket over our heads this afternoon. We were a handful of mourners gathered at the grave site to say good bye to Polly. She had passed from this earth in March. Her husband and life partner had transported her ashes from the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island to be buried beside her parents. The good thing about the rain is that you can be drenched and the raindrops and the tears merge as one. Just as Polly is now one with God and her spirit has soared to the light of heaven well beyond the storm clouds of this earth. We gathered , family and friends , at the local church to "socialize " and remember a life well traveled and well lived. She taught me a lot about "taking time" for a good glass of chardonnay and just sitting and chatting it up with no where to go but where I was in that particular moment. There was not a soul in that room today that she had not touched somehow, some way. So precious the memories , so precious the time.

One of her brothers had recited this poem I share with you now:

Journey Home

Joy Conner

My journey starts with a soft voice calling me into the night.
I am lifted up and drawn toward a beautiful light.
I am leaving my family, friends and all other earthly things.
I am like a bird going toward the heavens, trying out my new wings.
But as I soar upward everything becomes so clear.
Special arms are wrapped around me, removing all my fears.

I am an eagle, climbing high over the pine trees, soaring eagle
the lakes and the land.
A special love is gently leading me,
taking me by the hand.
I have wings, I go higher into the deep blue of the sky.
But I am leaving you and I wonder why me,
Oh God, why?

I fly like an eagle--but am more like a dove.
For I am leaving you all with a heart full of love.
My journey is taking me to a home far away.
That same voice promising I'll see you some day.
I leave you with so very much regret.
But please--do not grieve for me yet,
for my soul and spirit are finally free.
I go at peace into eternity.

Friday, June 26, 2009

We Are The World

..and we are in mourning for Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. Whatever your private opinions on their respective personal lives , one cannot deny the enormous impact each had in music and the arts. One death had been expected for months now as Farrah fought for her life against the dreaded cancer that invaded her body but never stole her indomitable fighting spirit. We watched from our arm chairs as she documented the realities of cancer. Many of us have seen this in our own families and it is without a doubt, one of our greatest fears. Farrah Fawcett stared back at that fear with dignity and a defiance that surpassed any role she ever played.
The shock of Michael Jackson's death rang around the world with the beat of disbelief and sadness. His music became the sound track of a generation and will remain his greatest legacy. The days ahead will be filled with the tears of their families and friends. The entire world aches for the loss of both of them .
Farrah's smile is gone from this earth and shines on a more heavenly plane. Whether you are black or white the sudden loss of a legend is a story still unfolding.
We are the world. We are sad and we are in pain.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Blessings

I am sitting here this morning counting my blessings , which I endeavor to do on a daily basis. Today I am most grateful for having my father in my life. He is a modest man who would shy away from any accolades but he deserves it a million fold. To know him , is to love him . No question.
He is the kind of Dad that puts the 'extra 'in extraordinary. Through life's heartaches and roadblocks , he has walked a path of compassion and love of family and friends. My Dad has a smile that can light up a room and a laugh so individual there is no doubt who it is.
His sparkling blue eyes twinkle with mischief and he will be the first to tell you he is not perfect ... but he is perfect to me, and that is all that counts.
Thank you for teaching me what really matters in life is not what I have but who I am .
I love you Dad. Forever and a day. Happy Father's Day .

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Power of Prayer

Please say a small pray for this little guy today .

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009

We Had A Ticket To Ride

N@ and I had a ticket to ride first class Via Rail from Montreal to Quebec City. I am usually the economy class kind of gal so going first class for a few bucks extra was a big deal for me. I have to tell ya I am spoiled rotten for it now. We had comfy seats , leg room for a basketball player, our luggage under our seats , a cute little male steward , and a fancy dancy menu to choose our meal. I had the grilled vegetable roll with artichoke and balsamic, cheese and spinach cannelloni with roasted red pepper sauce and portabella mushroom topping, 2 glasses of white wine , and a chocolate cheesecake. I know , I know ..I am a diva. After my Air Canada 'jet snack' and water, I felt like the queen of Quebec.
This was my first time doing the train experience in many years and I have to say I totally loved it!
Mind you it was just a 3 hour ride but it was so relaxing to sit back and watch the scenery change before my eyes like a slide show of the world.
.......and the best part of all : sitting beside my daughter whom I had not seen in over a year.
Before too long we heard the whistle announcing our arrival and we were taking our cabooses off the train.
I was visiting Quebec City for the first time in my life.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Coffee 4 Kids

Today June 3rd is Tim Horton Camp Day across the nation from sea to shining sea. Rev up your day with Tim's coffee and jumpstart a child's life into a new and brighter future.
Total proceeds from coffee are directed to the Tim Horton Children's Foundation where deserving children from your neighborhood will attend a Tim Horton camp this summer.
One cup of coffee can make a difference. 
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