Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Goldens Rule

Remember those three gorgeous Golden Retrievers you saw here last March ...Chloe , Xander and JJ...they are now five months old and we paid them a return visit today. After a boisterous greeting , the mellow yellow trio calmed down and waited patiently while their "Mom " offered them a treat one at a time . Dogs are so in the moment and know instinctively about the power of now , something that takes us a lifetime to learn . Without a doubt , in this loving home, the Goldens rule .
P.S. ...and their Mom makes awesome people cookies too!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

True Update

True is back on all four legs and will be attending dog class next week in short 10 minute intervals . He had his surgery at the Toronto Veterinary Emergency Clinic over the Victoria Day weekend . They removed a piece of cartilage from his elbow with minimal stitches . Further x rays did confirm that he has the onset of early arthritis. My daughter had nothing but praise for the staff at the animal hospital who gave her and her dog top priority because of the distance and expense she traveled for love of True . Back on his home turf and having been restrained from exercise for a long time he is anxious to run and play . However , he must have time to heal and take life easy for a while . Tell that to a 9 month old pup with a devilish look in his eye . His panosteitis is improving every day . True is one lucky boy to have such a loving Mom . He even has an orthopedic bed for his aching bones . I should be so fortunate . Even his cat brothers missed him .

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ma Meets Matt

Matt meets Ma . Ma meets Matt's Mom . Matt's Mom meets Ma . Matt met his Mom long time ago . Enough introductions . Last night my daughter and I went to see a local concert at the Shania Twain Center featuring Matt Humphreys .For those of you who follow Canadian Idol Matt was one of the top 32 contenders in the third season of the talent show . His show was reminiscent of an early Billy Joel . Matt sang some of his own songs and proved he is one up and coming performer to remember . He has released his debut CD "Everything Changed Along the Way " and indeed it has . If you care to know more about this talent young performer get your butts on this site :

It was a fun night out and a great way to show support to the singers and songwriters of today .
P.S. Matt's Mom actually takes yoga with Dawn and I and is one of those people you like right away and you can tell by her smile she has the patent on joie de vivre.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

New Template

Yep with the help of a techno geek last night we changed my template to a rich new shade of coffee hued espresso brown . You can almost smell the fresh brewed coffee ....and don't tell me you don't know which kind yer smellin'...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Kapuskasing Inn

It is with sadness I heard the news this week of the fire that gutted the historical landmark in my hometown , the Kapuskasing Inn . For years community minded citizens had asked for the preservation of the Inn . At one time the Inn hosted weddings and events and was a place of pride and prestige . In 1951 a young British princess named Elizabeth stayed in one of the Inn's luxury suites and the building became a part of of history . It is a blight on our society that we let historical buildings such as this one become ruins waiting for a demise such as this . Visiting my Dad a 2 years ago I walked the streets of my hometown and took a few pictures to remind me of a life I once lived . The Inn was one of those pictures . Now the black , empty space will be but a memory for all of us who remember the innocence of a time long gone and the timeless beauty of the Kapuskasing Inn .

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's My Party

..and I will laugh if I want to . For one brief moment in time I was a birthday princess .
Daddy's little girls .
Where is my gift ?
The ya ya sisterhood.
Love knows no age .
Thumbs up to Taurus babies and that's no bull .

Monday, May 21, 2007


We have been having a few technical problems but should be back in action ASSap.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Old Broads

I guess technically I am classified as an old broad . For the life of me I do not feel that way inside myself . I cannot see myself shopping at Tan Jay or having blue hair . That must be some trick of aging to make you feel 18 inside forever . I love my blue jeans and can still touch my toes . I still listen to the Beatles ( and Lady Madonna ) . I love dogs and popcorn . I have learned to live in the moment , to love and appreciate my family and friends, and dance like nobody is watching and if they are , so what . I still believe in doing unto others and being kind and smiling to strangers . Funny how life kicks you in the ass with a birthday and you feel that tempus fugit faster than ever . Today is okay . I am here . I am healthy . I am me . I am Ma .

May 19th

My sister got caught in a freak hail storm , freezing rain , snow white out and returned to Kapuskasing . My Dad and his lady are playing cards safely inside his apartment . My daughter is driving home today with True in the back and hoping the roads stay clear . All birthday plans are cancelled until we can all be together . As for me I am sitting here in my jammies at 3:45 pm wondering if I am bad luck and looking out at the miserable weather of mixed ice and snow . Guess I will make a cup of hot tea and count my blessings . Side note to N@ . Weather channel says this sh** is heading your way .
Happy Birthday to me .

Friday, May 18, 2007

May 18th

I cannot go to bed without wishing my Daddy a Happy Birthday . He was the very first man in my life and the one I went to for all my problems .I still do that to this very day . He taught me that chronological age was just a number on a calendar and that love and laughter are eternal . He has found a loving partner to share the dance with and she is a joy to all who know her. Tomorrow we will celebrate the day of our births together and if old Queen Victoria is lucky , we will raise a glass to her too .
Happy Birthday Dad . I love you .

Kitty Sitting

For those of you not in the know , I have been kitty sitting since Wednesday ( ....and no it is not a 70 something old lady in the body of a 30 something gay man ) . My daughter and True are in Toronto as I type and her boy had his operation today and it was a success . Time will tell how his motor abilities will be in the future . I still maintain the breeder is one of the good ones but nothing is ever 100% in life and if you have the faith and the love ( and the finances ) , no pet should be disposable . As for Karma and I, we are watching over one psycho orange cat and one timid striped one . Karma is afraid of both of them and refuses to cross paths with either of them . It is such a secure feeling to know that I have such a brave German Shepherd guardian . ( insert slight sarcasm here ) . Outside Karma has met True's canine neighbors , Molly the Basset poop eater and and the older gentleman Golden Retriever whose name eludes me . Tonight we will feast on a frozen delight of Lick's vegetarian chili . Yes I said Lick's.
That's it for now . Have a sunny weekend.
Ma out .

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dr. Dolittle

I need a doctor . Melinda Dolittle never made the AI finals . Shockaroo roo .

Bye Bye Birdie

I have the very same hands tonight that I had this morning . It seems the only thing flipping will be the date . The salesgirl last week screwed up my time with someone else so I am scheduled to get my very first manicure tomorrow afternoon . No big deal . I have waited 55 years what's one more day. The guy( yea , I said guy ) stealing my manicurist was getting a massage with her . He had on a pin striped business suit and looked a little stressed out so he must be sweating the small stuff what trousers to match his tie with and whether it's boxer or brief day . All I had to worry about was what color my middle finger nail would be for JB and Bobbycakes .

My Very First

Last week it was my toes and this week it is my hands . I am going this afternoon for the very first manicure I have ever had in my lifetime . I am confident it will not be as ticklish as my feet . I advised the nice lady who was giving me last week's pedicure that she might need a hockey mask for protection as I was not used to anyone massaging my feet . I do not know how other women handle that but I was laughing like an idiot and so was she because I was constantly jerking my feet around . The laughter made for a very happy place though . By the end of the session I had 10 sexy beach pink toe nails and she had one sexy beach pink nose . I have to admit my hands are really bad . There have been times when I could sand wood with them they are so rough and dry from restaurant sanitizer . I have no nails to speak of but I am not into fake anything so I am not sure what her plan of action will be today . I don't think my fingertips are ticklish but that remains to be seen . The whole feet and hand thing is plan to be good to myself and not to feel guilty about it . Ta da . Wish me luck .

Sunday, May 13, 2007

"In My Daughter's Eyes .."

These are the two beautiful reasons that I am a mother today . They are more my heroes than I am theirs . My daughters exemplify all the attributes of motherhood , kindness , compassion , patience ,and a joyous sense of humor and zest for life . In many ways we grew up together and are still learning together as time goes by . Today I feel I must salute them more than the reverse .
" The truth is plain to see , you were sent to rescue me . " Love you my babies .
Happy Mother's Day .

Friday, May 11, 2007

Believe It or Not

Yesterday it was hot , humid , sunny and 30 C . This morning it is minus 1 and snowing . Bah . Humbug .

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Yoga Toes

I feel pretty oh so pretty ....

Naked Feet and Novelty Socks

These are my doggy socks , given to me by a very special friend of mine .If you look close enough you will see there are teeny tiny German shepherds all over my feet . How cute is that . My daughter Dawn is a novelty sock freak . She has the most colorful and interesting socks on her feet every day . Why have boring black and white socks when you can do rainbows and dogs . Today I am treating myself to a spring pedicure . Gonna relax my legs and my mind , put my tootsies up and simply enjoy . I am thinking pink . Good bye guilt . I deserve it . Time for naked feet .

Saturday, May 05, 2007

"True "Friend

It is with a sad heart but with hope that I relate some health concerns about my daughter's German Shepherd , True , and brotherly littermate to Karma . For several months now he has had panosteitis , a temporary condition of fast growing large breeds in dog 6 to 16 months . It is normal for the German Shepherd pup, predominately in males , to get pano which causes an arthritic lameness that travels to different limbs on the body. She knew what this was and limited his exercise , knowing he would out grow the problem . She leash walked him at 6 in the morning and again at night and gave him all the love and attention her first dog deserved . At obedience class last week the trainer suggested an x -ray just as a precautionary measure .As it turned out the results showed not only pano but early stages of degenerative bone disease caused by an OCD lesion in his shoulder joint . They are traveling down to Toronto to have specialized surgery on him because there is no vet up north qualified for this joint operation . We are not sure if he will able to run like a normal dog for fear of a fracture . His life span could be shortened to 5 to 7 years . There is no answer to the why of this ..the breeder is an excellent one and no one could have foreseen anything like this . After the tears , my daughter rose to the challenge of her pet's limitations and will do whatever it takes to make his life a comfortable one . This morning , it touched me when she said "...he was so anxious to be with me that his shoulder joint became a place where his wing was meant to be ." There is nothing quite like "True " love .

Friday, May 04, 2007

Fashion Jock

Is N@'s bum real ?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Is Your Bum Real ?

As promised yesterday , the naked facts that will shock you and force you to ask the question "Is your bum real ? " . My two accomplices , my father and his lady , began our espionage mission into corporate Wallyworld and managed to take these revealing photos in the women's undergarment section . Trying not to look like a panty perv , I held up the incriminating evidence for our surveillance camera . Why the fashion industry would want women to have more junk in their trunk is beyond reason and an insult to the dedicated ladies who workout everyday and sweat cinching their glutes for firm , well rounded JLo tushes . It was noted that the simulated crack line exceeded normal human expectations . You will never look at buttocks the same again .
Today as you go about your daily routine and converse with your co workers and friends , I urge you to ask this question ...
"Is your bum real ? "

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My Secret Mission

For months now I have been involved in a secret mission of ASStronomical proportions . All will be revealed in a startling expose in tomorrow's post. Be prepared to be shocked at the ASStounding facts that will change the way you see the world and corporate America .
Stay tuned .

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


His name was Jack . Jack Russell to be exact . He was short and stout , muscular, spotted and hung like a bull dog . Quite obviously not neutered . You had to notice him right away . He was just one those short little dogs that made you wonder how they even walked carrying that heavy weight between their back legs . He marched in like he owned the room . He had a black leather muzzle over his snout and we wondered if he was into a little S & M on the side ... schutzhund & milkbone . His owners clarified the fact that Jack was a consistent biter of both people and pets and he was there for a little socialization and turnaround . There were a few cutesy wootsy poodles in the class that were impressed by the tough guy in black leather. Karma got a little fidgety . She knew it was the final day of her fertility cycle and her last chance to give me grandpuppies . I knew that people loved Cockapoos and Labradoodles but what would I do with eight squirming German Jacks ? How could I find good homes for puppies in leather chaps ? No way . Karma knew I was serious on this point . As the class ended I could have sworn she woofed under her doggy breath that I was ruining her romantic life and that size should never matter . Whatever.