Friday, April 25, 2008

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bistro On The Avenue

We did lunch yesterday at a bistro on the avenue . In fact , the restaurant was aptly called " The Bistro On The Avenue . " It was just a few blocks from my hideaway "as the crow flies " . I just wanted to get that word "crow" in the blog as I saw Kitty's crows up close and personal . My first thought on the tattoo was "ouch " . When Kittycakes explained how he had always loved crows and even the sound of crows , I thought wtc ( what the caw ) ? Then it dawned on me , crows are big , black , make a lot of noise , and are highly intelligent . ( that is a subtle compliment to my lunch partner .) I have often thought of a tattoo myself but now that I have aquired a 4 inch scar on my scalp , I plan to let that thought rest .
Natty and I wore our new happy shirts for the occasion . We ate . We talked . We laughed . Nous avons apprecie le moment ensemble .

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The New Earth , Earth Day , and My Happy Shirt

I have been in an online class lately with Eckhart Tolle and Oprah ( who needs no surname ) . It is my second time reading this book "The New Earth ". It was actually given to me three years ago as a birthday gift . For those of you who are skeptical of reading anything remotely spiritual , let me recommend this to you just to awaken your senses to the joy of living in the present moment . I think I have become very good at learning this lesson . After all , all any one of us have is today . The book itself is much deeper than that but as the author so aptly states that your personal state of consciousness will "only awaken those who are ready ." I guess I was ready ...are you ?
Today is also Earth Day and a time to celebrate and protect this wonderful world we all co exist in together . " Green , green it's green they say on the far side of the hill ,
Green , green I'm going away to where the grass is greener still .." . Do your part to ensure our planet stays green and alive by protecting the environment . We are all in this together . Now .
Last but not least , yesterday , I bought myself what I call "my happy shirt " . With all the warmer weather , I needed to find a few cooler tops . I went passed this particular shirt thinking the print was more N@ than I . Why did I think that ? I thought that because it was a happy little floral print of greens and blues , kinda daisy like and white eyelet . . Happy like N@ . So I purchased it . Every time I wear this shirt this summer, I can think of her happy little smilin' face and I can be happy too .
A bump on the head does wonders for the soul .

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Hear that ? At first , I thought it was the buzz of the Montreal traffic outside my window . Then , I thought I was co habiting with a swarm of bees because I am as sweet as honey . For an instant , I thought I was snoring but awake and therefore conscious of the snore sound . Buzzzzzzzzzzzz. Ratz. Did I leave the phone off the hook again ? Buzzzzzzzz . Head static ? Sure beats the teeny lightening bolts I saw last week . I guess the medical team in my head are busy repairing the lesion with buzz saws . You think they could be a little more quiet and stop that infernal buzzing around like madmen . Tylenol time .
...tylenol makes my clothes come off ...oh , that's tequila ..

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Heads Up

The top five positives of accidental head injuries :
5 . ) You get to take a lot of medication to take you into the serenity of la la land .
4.) Your kid calls you every day to check up on you and invites you for free eats on weekends .
3.) You get to make silly remarks and forget things and it is simply rationalized by your recent head injury .
2.) Hot flashes are a thing of the past as cool air is able to breeze from ear to ear .
1.) .... and the number one reason that cranial injuries can be a plus ... you get to hear the birdies of spring in your head without even having to step outside .

Monday, April 07, 2008

What Happened ?

I wish I knew . As with all unforeseen circumstances , March 31st was like any other night . I had watched some television , had some tea and shortly after 10p.m. , I was in bed reading my latest book " The Glass Castle " . Little did I know the glass of my life would be shattered within a few short hours . I woke up at 3 am. to go to the bathroom . I remember looking at the time which is a habit of mine . I remember the tinkle . I remember standing at the sink to wash my hands . I remember looking at my reflection in the mirror . I remember the sudden feeling of extreme nausea .
I remember waking up slumped against the door jamb . I remember looking around the small bathroom wondering why I could not remember the small room . Nothing looked familiar to me . Where was I ? That was the moment I got a little scared . I remembered that NOT remembering was NOT a good thing . The pattern on the shower curtain was not one that I recognized . I did not even know I was in Montreal . It was all a blank . I looked at my shirt and saw the blood . It surprised me because I felt no pain . I wondered where I was hurt . I touched the back of my head and it came back bloody . I must have hit my head a bit . I grabbed a washcloth and held it to where I thought I was bleeding although I could not see anything myself . By that time , my thoughts were coming back to me as to where I was and why . I thought about returning to bed . Thank God I did not . My guardian angel whispered in my ear that head injuries and memory loss were not a good thing . Somehow it came back to me that N@ had given me some taxi numbers and the note was still in my purse . I called the first number , put my coat on over my pajamas , locked the door and went outside to the waiting cab. " Please take me to the nearest hospital .." which ended up being Montreal General . When I entered the hospital , I was not sure where to go .... somehow , I must have been in the emergency area . I fully expected to have to wait a while but luckily for me I was taken immediately into a room where my OHIP card and purse were taken . I explained that I had lost consciousness for some unknown reason . At this point , the series of events become a bit of a blur . Keep in mind that I could not see the slice out of my head at the back so I thought things were not too bad . I ended up in a hospital gown , strapped to a gurney , with a brace around my neck . As I was wheeled to the emergency ward , I recall thinking that I should call N@ but I was a little indisposed to make the call . I remember telling one of the orderlies that she would think it was an April Fools joke . The joke was on me . I had vials of blood taken and a tetanus shot on one side and a electrocardiogram on the other side . I remembered another time like this a few years ago when I saw my father laying on a board with a neck brace and at that moment , I knew I was being checked to see if I had a stroke . Damn . The doctor came by and stitched up the back of my head . I asked him how many stitches and his one word was "Lots . " Later , I found out I had a deep four inch gash at the back of my head . I felt like a female Frankenstein and was grateful I had not fallen on my face . ( Oh woman , thou name is vanity .) A nice nurse ( and they were all so very nice ) , explained that I was going to have a CAT scan to check for internal bleeding or any signs of a skull fracture . After that , I had to just rest and wait for the test results . I was experiencing some pain in the head by that time . No medication until my tests were cleared by the radiologist . Pain . I knew I had to wait and relax . I did my yoga breathing . My teacher would have been proud of me . I drifted off . Finally the nice doctor ( did I mention they were all so nice .. ) returned and said the wonderful words " All clear ... " .
Later on that night , I found out that they had missed detecting a small chip out off the top of my neck vertebrae .. a small price to pay for what could have been much worse . I took a cab back and called Natalie . She knew instinctively by my voice that something had happened . My daughter and Scottypants have been here with me and for me during the last week . To all of you who have called or emailed to see how I was , I thank you from that silent place deep within my heart . To the staff of Montreal General , your efficiency and kindness were a hallmark to your profession .
..and to my Guardian Angel who loved me enough to lead me through the shadows of the night
and gave me the good sense to seek medical attention .
Amen .