Tuesday, July 31, 2007

This Was The Pits

Monday night was an interesting dog walking night . Karma and I headed out in the coolness of the early evening to a near by little league park we had never been to before . Karma was excited and loves to meet new people and their dogs and so we did . Our first interaction was a very nice fellow in a wheelchair with a little blonde Pomerian pup . He was a little leery at first because of Karma's breed but when I explained that she was sociable and lovable like me , we had a nice chat about the park and our dogs . He said his pup was 5 months old and he was happy to have his companionship and that Max got him out everyday . Pets are such good therapy . After that came along another blonde male ..husky /retriever mix called Hunter S. Thompson..( named after the famous author and American journalist ) . Karma and Hunter took off bounding after each other like only happy dogs can do . The sounds of laughing children leaving baseball practice filled the air . We continued walking until we reached the end of the park and a trail began into the trees along the river . Now alone , I would never have ventured in towards dusk but with a group of us it seemed safe enough . Besides , I had my trusty bear horn around my neck which gave me a sense of false security . The dogs lead the way sniffing the ground while we talked and battled mosquitos . Mid way I saw Karma stop in her tracks startled by the sight of not a bear , but a big bear of a man coming out between the bushes with a large stick . Beside him was a barrel chested brown and white grinning beast of an animal . Not expecting the "gentleman " , I asked him if his dog was friendly and he said he was , so Karma hesitated but went up for a friendly meet and greet . Now at this point in time , I did not recognize the fact that this muscular beast was indeed a huge , unmuzzled and very frightening looking pit bull . The sequence of events next happened within seconds . The two -faced beast one minute smelling a leery Karma and the next , scraping my arm in a frenzy , lunging and drooling slime to attack Hunter behind me whose owner fell to the ground to protect his dog . The pit owner wrestled his dog and held him down all the while telling us he was not aggressive at all . Hunter and his owner thankfully were not injured and we made the smart decision to turn around and head back to the open area in the park . I thought about how many pit bull attacks had been published in the news . The owner hidden within the confines of the wooded area , why did he have the long stick , and how some people cruelly profit from dog fighting . I thought about the laughing children I had seen earlier and the kind man in the wheelchair with his tiny dog . Last night , I dreamt of the wide faced , grinning beast who so resembled his irresponsible owner in size and intelligence . It is provincial law that all pit bulls be neutered ( he wasn't ) , leashed (not ) and muzzled ( nope ) . I use to wonder about that law . I don't anymore .

Monday, July 30, 2007


.....or how to live like a stinky pig for 2 days without running water and make the most of it . Okay , so I fully realize to most of you that 48 hours without running water is no big deal but to my father it is a crisis of major proportion . We went to his cottage near Moonbeam ( google the place for all you city slickers ) two weeks ago to pick up the remaining boxes left from the sale of his house last year . My Dad was shocked to discover that he had no running (or walking ) water due to a blocked water line coming from the lake . You have to know my Dad to understand his dismay . He is a 3 times a day hot shower guy not to mention the bathroom breaks , etc . We had a mini conference and decided we could still do this with the bucket that Liza left us ..there is no Liza but we sang the song as we each took our turn bringing up the water from the lake . Besides that we only had food for one day and stayed for two . Like true settlers we only ate fruit and vegetables ....so it was bought at A&P before I left but the end result was the same ...increased fibre which meant increased bathroom breaks which meant increased bucket carrying . We even managed to wash our dusty steeds ( the trucks ) . Yep , one learns to survive without the amenities of life and we were proud of that fact as we microwaved the popcorn for our movie . By the 49th hour we had to get back to civilization because Dad was going a little crazy for something hot and  this time it wasn't Martha .
.."there's a hole in the bucket ,dear Liza , dear Liza...."

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Inebriated Chicken

A few weeks back , I made an innocent chicken drunk ... ( thank gawd , it wasn't driving ) . My sister in law was kind enough to drink half of the brew before I inserted it up the you know where . I have to tell you after 2 hours of slow cooking on the barbeque , we had the drunkard ( the chicken not my sister-in-law ) for dinner and it was deeee-lish . If you haven't tried this yet , go buy a fowl and a case of beer today . One thing about drunk chickens , they drink any kind of beer ..Molsons , Coors , Blue . They are such lushes . Whatever you drink , they will smoosh up inside their innards without a second thought . As for my cottage guests , they cheered the chick on 'till it reached their plates . In the evening , we all did the chicken dance to the light of the silvery moon . Cottage life does that to a person .
Ma is clucking out because she is just winging it with her bad puns .

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Back In The Saddle Again

Before you go rolling in the hay with uncontrollable laughter at the sight of me straddled on top of a horse , let me tell you how it all began . My eldest went canoeing a few weeks back and made a new friend . Both of us were invited over to her home last Friday night for dinner, wine, and conversation . Izzy ( new friend ) is living my dream .... waterfront log home , 5 cats , 1 dog , and 2 horses. Her doors are open wide for both friends and felines alike. The horses are close enough to come up to the porch neighing for a treat of carrots or bread . The mother horse is Tuesday and her colt is Tigga . Tuesday was saddled up and my daughter trotted around the field like a seasoned equestrian . I , on the other hand , grabbed the saddle horn for dear life , surprised how wide a horse's back was than I had remembered , and secretly happy that I had taken yoga over 3 years for flexibility . I had not been on a horse since the age of 18 when my ride ended with my horse bucking and me falling off onto my tush . Tuesday is one of those smart horses that knows voice commands , so I was properly warned not to use the G -word ( Gallop or Giddyup ) . So I quietly muttered "Walk please , for the love of Trigger and Black Beauty , please just walk ."
We did walk until Tigga came galloping after Mommy Mare and we had a bit of a rump a dump time but I managed to stay aboard with thanks to Izzy . Tumbling tumbleweed but we had an awesome time . I even updated my vocabulary to understand what the word "gelding" meant .
Thank you Izzy for a very different and fun time . Dawn has even decided that she may venture into horseback riding lessons again . As for me ..." the old gray mare ain't what she use to be .. "

Having a horse laugh at the new gringos .
The view.
The dream.
Inside the dream.
Chow time.
On the front porch looking in .
Tuesday and Izzy
Do you have a pooper scooper ?
Dawn's herd.
Horse saliva hair conditioner .
Hazards of the trail.

The end .

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tataboomboom Thursday

I have this thumping tension headache this morning that just will not go away . It could be my sinuses acting up or just the fact the sun is out for a change . Maybe it was the caramel chocolate chip ice cream over the weekend . Nothing worse than a cold ice cream headache . I feel like a living voo doo doll . I haven't touched a drop of alcohol . Swear on N@'s hybrid .
Tataboom tataboom tataboom. Remedies please .

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Live Earth

Just a reminder that the Live Earth concerts are on today ( as if you never knew that ) . Watching concerts around the world to save our planet is mind boggling undertaking . I think it is important on an individual level to do your part and contribute to saving our world . Listen to the music today . Educate yourself on why this is happening . It is a wonderful world . Let's not destroy it .
"Green , green it's green they say on the far side of the hill .."

Friday, July 06, 2007

Nutz Over Tims

On a cuter woodland creature note , these photos were sent to me by a friend of mine . Chipmunks always make me smile ...and so does the friend that sent them to me . Enjoy ... and smile your weekend away.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What Happened To Ma Tonight ?

This is what happened to me tonight around 8 pm while Karma and I took our nightly walk on my quiet street . The bear came up between two houses up from the bush line . He must have known it was garbage day tomorrow . We stood frozen across the street the dog and I ... then my dog's curiosity turned into a barking challenge . The bear began to lope across the street . I pointed to a truck nearby to warn them . A truck ? We were the ones smelling like a bear appetizer not a piece of metal .Then I did what any God fearing woman would do . I ran like hell up the block dragging my guard dog behind me . That's what happened to me tonight . How was your night ?

Karma Wear

During my time in the nation's capitol , I came upon this fashionable dress shop . When I got back home , I casually asked Karma if she had started a clothing business without me . She looked at me with those big brown soulful eyes and never said so much as a woof about it.....and as for being "frustrated" ....aren't we all ?

Sunday, July 01, 2007

July 1 & Diana's Day

Happy 140th Birthday to Canada , my home and native land . We complain about the weather , we complain about the taxes , we complain about the cost of gas , housing and food . We live in the best country in the world because we have the FREEDOM to complain . Bonne fete mons pays .

( I am a little hoarse today ... I have a summer flu so all I will be doing today is watching the Diana concert 11 am this morning . )
Enjoy the day .
...and yes I took the picture of the Canada geese .