Friday, August 31, 2007


Last week while on my porch swing at my cabin in the woods I happened to spot a huge red headed wood pecker . ( ..and I can hear JB & NGB in my mind now ). I have only seen one of them in all the years I have been there so , needless to say I was quite excited . ( I can still hear our boys .. ) .The bird was strutting ( as most peckers do ... hehehehe)... across the grass towards the tree line . This one was huge ( here we go again .. ) and by the time I ran for my camera the red headed wood pecker was gone . I am going to the lake again today to hopefully capture this elusive birdie for you . My kids were skeptical of the size but unless my vision is seeing double double lately or my sight has gone telescopic , it was a BIG one . My photographic mission is to prove that fact this weekend .

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Like The Corners of My Mind

It was the Dawn of a new day for me . Happy Birthday to my first born . Simply said , I love you so very much .

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Pizzle is Not A Piccolo

Our dogs Karma and True love to chew . We started out with raw bones on the advice of the breeder . As gross as this sounds you must remember that dogs are descended from wolves and are carnivores to some extent . The only problem with that was sometimes guests would find a disgusting and mutilated fossil buried within the couch . We began to search for a better solution that was not rawhide or pig ears . I mean who wants to know that you contributed to the deaf pig population . Our canine friends can chew through most anything in seconds flat . We have had Busy Bone that is not so busy and Chewalotta that is not so lotta . Searching frantically in the pet department of Wallyworld , what to my wondering eyes should appear but something we had not tried before on our chewaholics . I happily purchased six of the stick like things and I have to tell you that Karma loved her new chews . The best part was the new item lasted longer than any other chew products we had tried . It was only when N@ came home that she pointed out what our amazing discovery was made of ...
Morale of the story : Always read the fine print .

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Over The Rainbow

This song has special meaning to my family and I . It was my mother's favorite song and every single time it makes me remember her . This small child amazed me and I had to share it with all of you today.

There Are Angels All Around Us

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Hands of Time

It has been said that one cannot stop the hands of time . We all age , grow older and hopefully wiser . At the wake on Sunday beside a portrait and verse of N@'s friend's father lay two silver and gold watches . The family related the story of how on Wednesday of last week his wife noted that her watch had stopped at 3:09 pm and made a mental note to herself to see a jeweler for repair . Later on Friday , after the shock and disbelief of the tragic , accidental death of her husband
and best friend two days before , the funeral home released his personal effects into her care . Her husband's watch had stopped at exactly 3:09 pm Wednesday . A coincidence ? A miracle?
Each day there are signs all around us if only we care to truly see .
You decide .

Sunday, August 12, 2007

"Only The Good Die Young "

I thought of those Billy Joel lyrics this week when I learned of the tragic accident claiming the life of a very good and kind man . He was the father of one of N@'s childhood friends . His untimely death was a shock to all who knew him and his family . It was not an easy task to inform my daughter upon the return of her vacation to tell her this sad news and not be able to console her in person . Today she flies home to be with her friend , share her pain , and simply be there for her . Her father was a well respected teacher , a loyal friend , a finally fulfilled husband in a second marriage , a fun loving father and would have been a wonderful grandfather to his new grandson . We all ask questions of why him . It is only human nature to ask it . We all at one time or another have questioned our faith when we have lost someone so dear and we are left with pain and sorrow so deep we think it will never leave our hearts . I ask you today to pray for this family today on this sad Sunday and maybe , just maybe the power of your prayer will give strength to this family today .

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Dog Master and the Donut Dogs

Who says Donuts aren't for birthdays ..
Happy Birthday James , Karma and True !

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

"Love Will Keep Us Together "

True and Karma went for the first walk they have had together since last March . As you can see Karma made sure she got in lots of kisses for her big brother . All these months during True's operation and long recuperation they never once forgot where the other littermate lived fact , they instinctively knew each other's homes at 10 weeks of age. True still cannot run off lead but that day will come when they will run and play like wolves in the wind .
Love does keep them together ...and the lesson learned is that it works for all humankind as well .