Monday, December 07, 2009

Don't Stress Me Out ( To The Tune of Don't Fence Me In )

( With my apologies to Bing ) On Holiday Shopping:

Oh, give me stores , lots of stores under malls above,
Don't stress me out.
Let me shop through the wide open aisles that I love,
Don't stress me out.
Let me be by myself in the evenin' please ,
Listen to the children at the Christmas trees,
Don't elf me off and I ask you please,
Don't stress me out.

Just turn me loose, let me waddle in the Walmart ,
Underneath my own shoe laces,
Elbow my way through the masses, let me flounder to the counter,
Till I see the cashier's faces,
Don't elf me off.

I want to shop for the sales when the year commences,
And gaze at the prices till I lose my senses
And I can't look at labels and I can't stand menses,
Don't stress me out.
Santa, don't you stress me out.


Yorkie Lover said...

Amen....I love it
that was written just for me...thanks

Suzanne said...

Love it

Jasmine said...

Loved the Frosty Poetry...and the great snaps. (Makes me a little homesick, even though I'm having a fantastic time over here.)

Jasmine said...

Hey! How did I get a name like Jasmine!!!? I don't where pink. Johnny

Ma Horton said...

Some people just don't know how type at all......