Sunday, February 28, 2010

Grandpa Horton Rolls Up The Rim

Grandpa Horton : I have a secret honeypoo. I stole Ma's laptop again .
Martha : Hehehehehhee're such a bad boy !

Grandpa Horton : Sweetie, I feel like heading down to the shop for another coffee. What about you?
Martha : We have only been there 10 times in one day Big Daddy ..
Grandpa Horton : I know darlin' but its the beginning of Roll Up The Rim and you know how this old bugger likes free stuff.
Martha :
I feel like I am on coffee overload .. all I can see is Tim Horton cups everywhere .
Grandpa Horton :
Let's get rollin'..... I feel like a winner.
Martha :
You are a winner Poppykins.

"Grandpa Horton thinks he is the only one who knows how to type. I have been sitting on Ma's lap for 2 years and have learned a few new tricks. This the news according to Wiz : Roll Up the Rim has 40 Toyota RAV4's, 100 $10,000 Cash Prizes , 1,000 Toshiba Netbooks,
25,000 Tim Cards, and over 31,000 ,000 Food Prizes . I don't drink coffee but I eat anything so feel free to mail me all your food prizes. Time for a wiz......
Your bud (and Ma's ),

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