Friday, June 30, 2006

It's Raining Men

Grand Prix last weekend ..Canada Day this weekend ..who could ask for anything more !

Ma BOBed it

....and these 2 cutey patooties you see me with are the one and the only Newsguybobby ( who hails from my neck of the woods ) and the legendary Milky who I met for the very first time in the capitol during the last leg of my trip . I was so happy to meet up with both of them and they were so kind to let me take this picture with them ..( and they HUG like pros ! ) I am considering adoption .

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mix it up

One of my favourite people at Mix 96 is my bud Kaptain Kemp who gave me a big Mom like hug and makes me smile everytime I visit Montreal .One of the best anecdotes that I recall is the first time I visted N@ with my father . The station crew had invited us to a bar called O' Donnells and as my Dad and and I walked passed a massage therapy clinic ( and to impress the Mix boys with his skill of the French language ) ..he happened to comment that he would like to get his *jambon * massaged as he had arthritis . Unfortunately what my father did not know until later, was that the proper term for leg was * la jambe * and he used the term for HAM ! I still laugh at that every time I go to Montreal .Thank you for making me feel so welcome and bringing back memories that give me laugh lines .

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Unlike a virgin

If I could put *sex* in a bottle , I would cap it and call it *vintage Madonna *. One word describes the Madonna concert I saw at the Bell Center in Montreal, and that word is SEXUAL. Any woman almost fifty ,who can emerge from a disco ball looking like her in black leather and lace , treating men like sexual objects and riding a saddle on a stripper pole is my kinda gal . The props , the costumes , the choreography, the backgrounds , the dancers all made to compliment over 2 and half hours of consummate Madonna .When you can keep over 15,000 fans entertained for that length of time without taking a breath , you become* breathless *..and she was . To me the best aspect of Madonna is that she has kept herself evolving with the times , from the early , innnocent virginal days of her career to the blonde ambition times and now the dominitrix of the new millenium .Women of strength and character will always be in VOGUE .. I am CRAZY FOR YOU , but I balk at 4 dollars for bottled water and 75 dollars a t -shirt .As for N@ and I ..well , we got INTO THE GROOVE , baby .

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Material Ma

I will soon be busting my booty to Montreal to see N@ , * my ray of light *.I am so excited to see my grandhuahuas & Corndoggy( I implore you -do not let me see your knees ) . My baby and I have the wonderful opportunity to spend some time together .It is my first visit at her new apartment and her new neighbourhood . I am just thankful ,it is not on the 25th floor .The highlight will be next week when we see the one and only Madonna in concert . My purple leotards are packed and I am ready to be a disco queen and shake it *like a virgin * .Don't cry for me Tim Hortons and Papa don't preach . Time goes by so slowly and I am HUNG UP on N@!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Dog gone it

Buy one for me too !!

Tim Horton Camp Day June 7 th

Wherever you are today , please remember to buy a coffee for under -priviledged children in your community . Entire proceeds from all coffee sales are donated towards Camp Day . Every cup of coffee counts and will make a child's dream a reality of a summer adventure to inspire and remember for years to come .

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Big girl sleepovers

You are looking at my best friend . Last night we had a *big girl * sleepover , stayed up until after 3 am laughing and drinking white wine and talking about the olden days of the sixties and when our kids were young and wondering how in tarnation we got so old so fast . Our fashions have changed ,our hairstyles have changed , and our lifestyles have changed ..but our friendship has remained a constant and a true gift from God . I wish that all of you have at least one lifetime friend that you can count on through the years ,the laughter and the tears . Rock on redhead and thank you for a great time !

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Black Bears, Black Bears hell with White Rabbits .....
Timmins -home to black bears ,blackflies , and black coffee .
ps . I took this photo on hwy 655 a few weeks ago.