Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Another summer day is come and gone away not in Paris or Rome
And I feel so alone
Oh I miss you, you know , send my baby back HOME...awwwww.. and that is for my Nattypants who is coming back HOME this weekend with Cornypants and my 2 grandhuahuas ..send my baby back HOOOOOOOOME.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


First off, let me say that it must have been some pervert who named this Ottawaian pastry that I had for the first time ever a few weeks back ..and yes I ate the whole dam thing .I mean why couldn't they call it "paddle tails " or "flatties " or something with less of a raunchy haunchy meaning . I will be spending time at my cottage the next few days and hope to see the real 'beavertails " ..the kind that chew trees and make the word DAM a beautiful thing .

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Forking finger

I done and done it . We all do it -have the silliest and needless of small accidents and I am no exception. Back track -my eldest daughter suggests that I digress and purchase some new cutlery since mine has seen better days and is lookin' more rusty like its owner . So one fine day at Wallyworld I become the proud owner of fancy brushed stainless steel to replace the old guys .Fast track to yesterday -home tired and searching for a utensil and lo and behold one of the new guys decides he would like to fork through my finger .I was a bit shocked to see the entire prong imbedded sideways through my fingertip and surprised myself by not screaming holy hell and managed to remove the S.OB FORKING FORK and ran cold water over said bleeding finger . Moral of the story : sometimes no matter how dull your life seems , getting a good forking is never the answer .

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Women are from Venus

..and we all know where men are from . Bonne Fete mon pays ...the best dam country in the world with the best dam coffee in the world . Just ask Afghanistan where Timmies just opened a new outlet for all the men and women who keep our country free and bring memories of home , coffee and doughnuts to our troops .