Friday, February 29, 2008

Breaking News

Make that 34 ...
One of these was won at our Riverside Tim Hortons this morning . Ma will be blessing cups for all of you caffeinaholics that she meets on a daily basis .

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Imagine David Archuleta

Remember this name . He is a star in the making .
With all the strife and pain in today's world , we still ...imagine ...

Monday, February 25, 2008

Grandpa Horton

" Shhhhh ... I have sabotaged Ma's site today to let all of you know that RRRROLL UP THE RIM starts today ! I don't know much about computers but I do know I love my Tim Hortons coffee and I love to win free stuff . Who doesn't ? This year they have 35 Toyota 2009 Matrix cars, 100 Bayliner Boats , 5,000 GPS Navigation packages , 20,000 $50 Tim cards , and over 31,000 food prizes . Heck , I get excited just winning a donut or a coffee . I take anything as long as it is free . Don't tell Ma I was here ."
Always Fresh ,
Grandpa Horton

Sunday, February 24, 2008

"Just Remember ...."

"When you let it all go ......
.... what happens down in Mexico ...
...stays in Mexico ".

Friday, February 22, 2008

Food and Drink

Champagne mornings.....
......and tequila nights .
" Hey , Mom .. you think we over indulged a bit too much tonight ?" Yes , they are her own teeth .
Mango mousse in a white and dark chocolate edible dish ...and we ate the dish too .
We did NOT over oink on this ... in fact , it made me ill just looking at it .

One thing I can say without a doubt is that the Mexican people are great chefs and bartenders . We tried to stay on the straight and narrow and not over indulge ... just because it is all inclusive does not mean you have to make a pig of yourself .... right ?
..... oh ...and I found out that I love guacamole .

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Mexican People

A smile is universal .
Roberto was always joking and our favorite waiter .

He said his name was "Joe Canadian " but somehow I doubted that .
Fresh juice and a smile every morning .
Mexican musicians serenading us at dinner .
A bartender who made a mean margarita .
Guadalupe had a smile that lit our mornings . She worked 12 hours a day 6 days a week .
He was short and sweet and a very good waiter .

I realize a lot has been said lately about Mexico and its lack of safety for Canadians . Where ever you may go in this world , you have to be careful . Crimes take place in our own backyards every day . Every traveler must take certain precautions and use common sense when visiting other countries . The laws are as diverse as its country . The staff at the Palladium were always courteous and always had a smile for us every day . Their work days are long and tedious for little pay but it is a known privilege to work in a fancy resort hotel . We left as many tips as we could and each day left a small gift and money for our chamber maids . These are the faces we remember .

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Spa

The fitness queen and my motivator ..which is like the terminator but nicer .
As if I was not sweating enough . Laugh if you must .
The "river " to the hot tub areas .
Some people in one of the hot tubs who said "cheese " for me .
Waiting room to the treatment areas .
Dawn in the yoga room .

Entrance to the Spa

The spa at the Grand Palladium is an amazing facility where you can enjoy the tranquilty of the pool which leads you down a "river " to the secluded enclosure of the hot tubs . We spent a few days there just relaxing and enjoying the moment . One night we took in a Mexican yoga class . Although we could not understand our instructor , words did not seem to matter as the scenery was so peaceful . Dawn worked out in the gym twice and I did once ( okay , it was under mild protest but I did it . ) We booked ourselves a stone massage and a facial together . The stone massage was a comforting warming therapy but not like a deep ,muscle massage . It was my daughter's first massage and my 3rd . We also had our facials in the same room together . Both our Mexican skin specialists were men . Mine was Felipe . We were having different treatments. While Dawn could stay fully dressed , I had to undress from the waist up . Hmmmm. It was a very odd facial for me as Felipe not only massaged my face but my neck , shoulders , both feet , and left thigh as well . I assumed the left thigh thing was for the blood flow of some sort . ( Mine not his . ) I have to tell you Felipe did an awesome treatment . Dawn and I both left with dewy and glowing complexions . I think my skin was glowing for a different reason than hers . Oh well , at my age , you just accept.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Days of the Iguana

The big guy .
"Rock me Amadeus "
The little guy .
"Cry me a river ... "
These* crocs * you definitely do not want on your feet .

Forget Richard Burton and " night of the iguana ", these reptile guys are sun worshipers and are everywhere basking on the hot cement walkways . No wonder they have such dry , wrinkled up old skin . Some of the barbecued tourists should have made note of that fact . Although the iguana may look like a fierce looking , miniature , prehistoric monster , they are , in fact , herbivorous and quite harmless . One gets use to having them around in climates like this . If they feel threatened by you they puff themselves up and bop their heads like they belong on your car dashboard . The resort also had their bigger cousins , the crocodile , secluded in a fenced in sanctuary . The crocs do not have to puff up to scare you ... one look at the jaws and teeth will do it for you , no problem .
On the beach , you could often find the staff carrying one of the biggest iguanas for a peso, picture taking session . One evening going out for our dinner , I had mentioned to Dawn that I wondered where all the iguanas went at night . I surmised that they must bed into holes in the ground and I pointed to one who had stuck his head up to watch us pass by . My daughter nonchalantly stated that was an underground sprinkler coming on and not an iguana .
My eye check up will be forthcoming .

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How The Hola Do They Do This ?

.....using the towel origami to say Happy Valentines Day !!!

The Resort

Room 4130 .. our hola haven .

One of the lobbies .
Just a passing cloud on a sunny day .
My "Mexican " guide .."Mom , are you lost ?"
It was nice to have the shade from the hot sun .
Walking the wooden pathways ... you do not want to do this in heels .

Just as our friend Maria stated the Grand Palladium is a awesome place to enjoy a winter vacation . It is about a one hour bus ride out of Cancun near a town called Playa del Carmen . If you had the chance to check the site out while I was sunning in my bum pants you would have seen it is divided into four lobbies all connected by shaded walking trails , wooden bridges , and scenic walkways . You can also travel around by one of the resort trains or pontoons . Dawn and I enjoyed the walking part as it allowed us to feel less guilty over that last piece of Mexican dessert . We stayed at Kantenah section and it had the best beach area . Despite all the media reports , we felt very safe , although I am not sure if that was a bit of naivety on our part though many of the other tourists felt the same as we did . Being just the two of us , we played it cautious and never left the confines of the resort . The staff were always courteous but not overly friendly , and always working to keep the resort in immaculate order . The positive part about this hotel is that is has kept the jungle like atmosphere around the grounds which gives the visitor a chance to learn about the different trees , flowers , and animals which are native to its culture .
To be continued ....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Paradise Lost

That is how I feel today .... for 7 warm and wonderful days God granted me a piece of heaven on earth . The Palladium resort in Mexico is a true paradise and ecological haven for the local floral and fauna of the Mayan Riviera . On day one , I walked along the warm white sands looking at the blue skies and the crystal ocean waters . I breathed in the Mexican air filling my lungs with the scent of the humid breeze . I watched my daughter ahead of me just enjoying her walk along the beach . The waves washed away all the cares we had left behind us . I cleared my mind of all negatives and let the joy of the moment enter the voids. Typical tourist that I am , I had my camera with me . Turning around I snapped the first prophetic photo of our vacation .
To be continued ......

Sunday, February 03, 2008


This will be Dawn and I next week as we trade the snow and coffee for white sand and pina coladas . We leave this afternoon for one week in the Mayan Riveria in Mexico . I was in Walmart just two weeks ago when my daughter phoned me and said get packing Mom .. I got a good price ... you and I are going to Mexico together . I am looking forward to it after the last couple of weeks of sadness . I guess the trip has come at the right time to rejuvenate my spirit . My daughter is a great trip organizer and we always have fun together . I am hoping that the rest and sunshine takes away the last vestige of the flu that is still hanging on to me .
Hola to all .
P.S. The resort has a live web cam on the beach so maybe we can wave to all of you one day .....