Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Car Commercial

We will now take a well deserved coffee break . Relax .

All Hallow's Eve

Wishing all the ghouls and goblins of Blogland a spooktacular Halloween night from Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.........

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dogs With Jobs

Karma joined the ranks of dogs with jobs today . Donning a pink Roots vest , Karma made her first visit to Spruce Hill Lodge In South Porcupine this morning . She paid a special visit to Belle who is a senior dog lover and when they met I think Karma and Belle were both smiling . We looked at the photos of her little yorkie mix dog Earl who is being taken care of by a family member . Her pet would actually be allowed with her in this facility if not for the beginnings of her alzheimer's disease . Spruce Hill Lodge is a transitional living center , formerly Porcupine General Hospital , where the seniors are allowed to bring one of their small pets as long as they are still able to care for them themselves . This is one of the few places that I know of that carries that perspective and one to be so very proud of . After all , pets are often the last loving companions that a lot of seniors have and giving up their independence is one thing but giving up the love and friendship of a dear pet is quite another. We met a gentleman in a wheelchair by the name of Jack with a great sense of humor and a lady who at one time had two german shepherds of her own .They kindly asked us for a return visit and that is a given . I was very proud of my dog today . Karma was Karma . Loving the attention . Loving the people.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Good Coffee Weather

Yep it is snowing again . Last Sunday it was 26 C plus and today it is minus 7 and snow on the ground . That is the good old northland for you . Tim's fact : the colder it is the more coffee you sell . So who wants the franchise in Antarctica ?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

So Typical Catty and Funny

Anyone who has a cat can relate to this video ..... including Ma .

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday's Gift

Today it was 26 C. Quelle difference from the snow over a week ago . Sitting outside drinking  in the day with tea  in hand , I found myself wishing for the days of summer again . Summers fly and winters walk . When I was a kid it seemed like summer was endless , now it is gone before you can make the lemonade . So today ,  Sunday was a gift in the north ...and a reminder to appreciate the moment . I did.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Say Oink To Wrinkles

Saturday morning news flash : Eating pig's feet will add more collagen to your skin thus reducing wrinkles . Forget those expensive creams and chemical peels all you have to do is eat a few pig's feet every week and say good bye to crows feet . Pickled pigs feet has been long time delicacy of Asian cuisine and is now in the news as a cosmetic miracle . You can eat them with crackers or prepare them with a sweet and sour sauce . Add them to pasta or stew . Eat your way to the fountain of youth . If you can eat sushi , you can eat pigs feet .
The promise of supple skin is yours if you can swallow these without gagging.
I plan to patent little pink crutches for all the poor little piggies of the world .....

Thursday, October 18, 2007

God's Paintings and Jean's

Last week I had the good fortune to be invited to view the preview of a collection of photographs by a friend of mine . She picked up her camera one year ago and like our friend Milky , has found herself a gift she never knew she had .. the ability to capture a moment in time and make it eternal . She lives near a small pond called Gilles Lake in Timmins . Intuitively she is able to see with her mind's eye what most of us cannot and find the joy and beauty in a family of ducklings , nature's flowers , or an empty beach chair . Her pictures ( and God's ) have an ethereal quality about them and a sense of peacefulness that all is well with the world if we would only believe . Thank you Jean for allowing me to share your talent on my site

Wednesday, October 17, 2007



I had it from a good source ( my sister ) that red lipstick was the colour to have for the fall season . I had thought about it for a while and yesterday I went out and bought myself Revlon's Red Velvet . To be honest I am more of a nude or pinky flesh toned type of person so this dramatic shade was a step out of the norm for me . I have had my fashion shades from the past . Any of us women who lived through the sixties must recall the ghoulish white frost we wore with our mini skirts . I called it the dead look. As the seventies rolled around I thought that Toast of New York was me . Looking at old photographs I can see my mouth looked like I had just ate a dozen Hershey bars or got hit in the mouth with a mud pie . That is when I turned to the flesh . My collection of bare has ranged from Skinlight to Milkshake to Mocha Latte and Pink at the Beach . I have had coffee lips , mango lips , strawberry lips and so many flavors , I feel like the Jolly Rancher of lipsticks . You knew I was a shampooaholic and yes I am also a lipstickaholic . My sister is just as bad although she eventually throws out and I tend to collect.
Last night I went to a women's dinner sporting my new red sweater and my new red velvet lips to match . I asked my neighbor in the car if it looked alright and she hesitated and said "It is not what you usually wear but it looks okay ."Hmmmmm... okay... so I thought to myself should I head to the bathroom and wipe my mouth off before the dinner . I was afraid I would come out looking more like Sissy Spacek in the movie Carrie so decided to stay put and try to look inconspicuous as possible with my harlot mouth screaming look at me . Red stains were on my white wine glass . One thing I have never mastered is the art of applying lipstick on my lips without a mirror . I did not dare even try this for fear I would look like Bette Davis's character in Betty Jane . Worse yet , what if all the nice ladies called the paramedics because they thought I was having a severe nose bleed when all it was me blindly hitting my nostrils with the tube . Next thing I know the very nice lady sitting next to me quietly said "You look so nice in red .. you are lucky this is just a women's meeting ." My face matched my lips but I felt so much better . Sis was right . Red lips made her feel sexy ...and what's wrong with that . Revlon's Red Velvet joins the collection . Cover Girls Trushine No. 490 is next .

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Seven Sunday Truths

..about Ma .

1. I love the smell of rain , gasoline , javex , and coffee ( not in that order . )
2. I was never on Reach For The Top in high school but I was vice president of the student's council in my senior years at Kapuskasing District High School . My theme song was "Lady Madonna " by the Beatles ( a song JB promised to sing to me one day .)
3. I cannot sing at all but was in a church trio in my teen years that traveled to different communities in the north . Lip syncing to " All You Need is Love " was one of my specialties .
4. As a child , I brought home every stray cat and dog around . My father would drive miles away to get rid of them and the next day , there they were nestling in the window well bed I had made for them . Finally , my parents allowed me a cat of my own when I was around 11 . Old Tiger was the only cat I knew that could shake a paw . He ended up around 12 years old being poisoned and laid to rest on the local undertaker's farm .
5. I went to the University of Windsor and majored in Latin . Don't ask me why . Omnia mutantur nos et mutamur in illis.
6. My middle name is Ruth . I was named after one of my favorite paternal aunts . I always thought that was a biblical name . It is , but some idiot told me once that Ruth was a whore in the Bible . He had a difficult time walking after I kneed him .
7. This blog began quite by accident and it boggles my mind to see how many entries I have done . My hope is that somewhere along the line I have made someone smile . I know all of you have done that very thing for me .

Tag : Black Cats and Purple Things ( You know who you are . Now get off or on your butt and update that dam blog with 7 random dam things about yourself .)

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Proof Is In The Snow Pudding

You want snow . I got snow . Come and get it . All free for My favorite Kitty .

Ask Me If It is Snowing ?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Thank God and Greyhound

He's gone .....back to Vegas to woo all the blue haired ladies .

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody

Count your blessings in life and feel alive .

Friday, October 05, 2007

Speed of Retail

Yesterday I was verbally goosed by Santa Claus in a plastic pumpkin patch . He sang Jingle Bells to me in the Halloween department . Have you noticed how retailers have taken to displaying both holidays simultaneously ? No wonder we always feel like we are late for a very important date . The world keeps on spinning faster all the time . In order to prepare my self for the speed of life , I have decided to meet the momentum head on . I will wear all four seasons of clothes in order to peel off quickly as the weather changes . I will wear size nine boots with size 8 runners with size 6 sandals inside . I will eat all three meals in the morning in order to save time for the rest of the day . I will walk faster , eat faster , blog faster , read faster , shop faster in order to prepare myself for the speed of retail . There is no time to smell the coffee . Run. Run . Run . Faster and faster .
STOP. BREATHE . SLOW DOWN . I for one refuse to get caught up in the insane commercialism that advertises the fact that this year I really need to have a life like talking chimpanzee in my home for the holidays .
A life like fuzzy pony .... maybe ...

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dumb and Dumber

Everyone knows that I am a big dog lover but like some not so smart people around there are some not so smart dogs to match .

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cops Down Under

My cousin in Australia sent me this Aussie billboard picture . According to folklore and my eldest Dawnspawn , I thought timtams were the nums nums of choice not donuts . That is not a typo for timbits either . Tim tams are a chocolate malted biscuit sold in Australia that you dip in hot tea and suck up the choco tea taste through the chocolate cream filling . Not to be confused with Maria's diet cookies . When and if I ever go to visit my cousin , tim tams will be one the very first things I plan to eat . I will not be packing my bit of bum panties as the added calories will do the all the booty padding I need for kangaroo speed riding .

Monday, October 01, 2007

A Bit of Bum

You might recall the post I made a few months back about the bum pants sold at Wallyworld . I saw them on a sale rack the other day . I almost bought a pair ... not because I want or need more junk in my trunk but simply because they make me laugh my ass off . I actually thought they might make good padding for biking shorts should I ever decide to do a lot of cycling . You will be happy to know I decided against the purchase . Then I saw them . The bit of bum pants . For those of us who have enough butt flab but just maybe need a bit more rounded curve to the plush tush area . I could easily wear a bit of bum and who would ever know that I do not do a 100 butt lifts every day . If Victoria can have her secret why can't I ? We think nothing of uplifting other parts of our bodies so why not the perky little bit of bum ? A bit of bum could help you get that new job . A bit of bum can help you overcome your anal shyness in a crowd . A bit of bum could give you the confidence to perfect your dancing skills . If Wayne Newton can do it so can you . I can see it all now . A bit of bum could save the world . Make bums not war . Imagine all the people in bit of bums .

I have to admit I just love saying that phrase "bit of bum " .. has such a nice ring to it .
Dont cha wish your girlfriend had bit of bum like me .
Your cheatin' bit of bum will tell on you .
I wanna hold your bit of bum .
A white sports coat and a pink bit of bum .

...okay , okay I am going....