Thursday, July 31, 2008

G.S.S.F.Y.( German Shepherd School For Yorkies )

Ready ..............
.................... set .....
................. target .
Even shepherds in training need to rest .

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Karma's Mini Me

"Go ahead . Make my day . "

"....... add another 70 pounds and I am there .... "

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

By Request

Sharing is caring .
Guard dog in training .

" Did you doo doo again ? "

"Babysitting can be a bitch ."
" I just wanna be a German Shepherd when I grow up . "

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wizzin' Around

There maybe a few typos in this post because I have had 4 glasses of vino ( white ) . It is Wiz . He has crawled slowly into my heart like a thief in the night . I thought I had a few walls up to stop this very thing from happening . Dam this cute little yorkie . This morning I talked to a nice lady in Moonbeam ( yes , all you non- northerners that is a real town .) who seems interested in him . She has a small female yorkie of her own , knows the breed , retired , no kids ... treats her dog like a baby . Koochykoo and all that .She is coming up with her husband this week to see the Wizard of Paws . I know he will win her heart the way he did mine . Dam my weakness . I have cared for him since he was 8 weeks old till now at 3 months ( not including the week with my friend ) . He looks at me adoringly like I am so dam trustworthy and yet the little gaffer has no idea that I am planning to part with him . Damnation . There was once another hairy face in my life I thought I could give away and I ended up having her for 18 years . Honey was a part terrier that the kids had all of their growing up years . Back to Wiz . Wherefore art thou Wiz?
A desicion to make that will cause a heartache or take a lifelong responsiblity for a 4 pounder ?
P.S . I have spellcheck for any drunken typos .

Friday, July 18, 2008

Does Size Matter ?

My veterinarian always said and I quote , " A dog is a dog is a dog is a dog , no matter how big or small . It is what's between the ears that's counts ." I am finding that to be very true . Wiz knows several of the basic obedience commands . He picks up quickly . He knows the household routine and expects his meals on time . Karma is his best bud but lately I am finding him lovesick for Cocoa the shitzhu next door . When he hears her bark it sends him into a little indoor frenzy of activity . He has even made a few mad dashes under the fence to show his devotion ( which is not reciprocated .) I have found him taking out his frustrations by humping his little stuffed weiner dog toy . Wiz is a little over 3 months old now but has made a BIG impact on the neighborhood . Everyone who comes in contact with him adores him .
.... and hangin' out with a German Shepherd has affected him . He thinks BIG GUY . Even his ears are looking very shepherd like lately .

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bad To The Bone

Nothing could be more opposite than what is written on this little guy's T shirt . He is good natured, , loving , sweet , smart .... and when I take his batteries out , very quiet .
Wiz is a winner in every way .

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Running Updates

My computer is finally up and running . The new Timmies is up and running as of 4 pm today . Wiz is up and running after Karma . Ma is up and running after Wiz and Karma . Ma , Wiz and Karma are up and running due to the tornado watch .

Friday, July 11, 2008

Wiz The Crocadog

From the day Wiz entered our lives he got attached to crocs ( the shoes not the reptiles ) . His petite size gave him a comforting view of feet and since I ( and my friend ) wore crocs around the house he got in the habit of following them like they were a surrogate mother . During the day and at night he sleeps either beside them or in one of them inside his kennel . Hence the nic "crocadog". I ordered a little faux croc carrying "purse " that we call the "mouse house ". When you have a German Shepherd around the place this little wizzer is like having a little mouse running around your crocs .
More to follow on how Karma is taking to the Wizard .
(p.s. Tim opening day delay due to paving parking lot problems ... hopefully this weekend , if it does not rain but that is every day ..blah ).

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Wizard Of Paws ( Wiz )

This is Wiz . This is what I did . I did not do it for myself . I bought him for my best friend , the red head with the milestone birthday a few posts below . We had talked about her getting a companion dog several times . That morning when I made the quick decision to buy him for her , my heart was in the right place but my head was not thinking . I blame it on my concussion in April. Of course , I knew it was bad judgement on my part to do something like this , but I was so sure that this little guy was just what she needed to bring a little joy and light into her life . He did for a brief , sweet time . The Saturday night he came into our lives , my friend emailed me to say she was leaving town for one week . During her absence , I taught lil Wiz a few basics like come , sit , and down . I was amazed at how quickly he learned despite his diminutive size . He became a wiz @ wizzing on his pee pad and outside . I knew she would love him . Who wouldn't. Unfortunately , due to several circumstances she regretfully returned the little guy last Monday .
I learned a lesson through Wiz . ... a lesson I thought I had already known . Never give a pet as a surprise gift to anyone no matter how sure you think you are on this one . Chances are you could be wrong like I was .
Wiz and I are taking his being here day by day . If I find the right home and owner ( like N@) who knows a lot about teeny dogs and their care and special needs , I would let him live happily ever after . Until then , Wiz is my responsibility and I accept that , the way he accepts me ... unconditionally .
I refuse to call him a mistake . Like all things in life he was sent to teach me a lesson . He is here for a reason . He is here to love someone and to be loved back .
More to follow ...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Inside Tim Track

Leave your Tim comments here and make it nice .
So where are the donuts ?
Where Ma puts the "bad boys " .
The always fresh Tim dual ovens .
Shiny refrigeration and freezer area .
Shiny soup station .
State of the art Tim deli ready for action .
Triple Tim brewers for speed of service extraordinaire .
A rare phenomenon - an empty Tim Hortons drive thru window ...not for long .
Tim manager 1832 , James the Java, contemplates the coffee situation .
Tim tables will not be empty for long .
Tims 1832 begins anew .
I will have to keep my so called cliff hanger for tomorrow as I wanted to show you what a brand new Tim Hortons looks like before it becomes a non stop entity on its own . Our schedule date is now slated for Friday July 11th .
If you want to know what I did , that I should not have done , that I knew I should not have done , when I did what I did , knowing I should have not have done it , then tune in tomorrow. Same blog , same annoying blogger .

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

What I Did .

The thing I did was not really a bad thing per se , but it does come with a certain set of repercussions . When I did it , I thought in my mind it would bring such happiness and yet now I find a peculiar kind of heartbreak as well . Like all things in life you have to deal with what you did and take the responsibility for your actions . I intend to do that ... somehow . At this moment in time , I do not know the how, the why , or the wherefore . All I know is the will .
Have you ever done something like that ? What I did ? ( ..and believe me when I say I knew better than do it and yet I still did it.)
Have you ever done something crazy with consequences that you must take charge of in the aftermath of your free wheeling decision?
Have you ?
( ... to be continued ) .

Monday, July 07, 2008

Have You Ever ?

Have you ever done something spur of the moment and later on thought whatever possessed you to do that ? Have you ever considered that unpredictable thing you did as a mistake or did you rationalize it in your mind as "something meant to happen " but you just did not know the reason for it yet ? Have you ever thought that it was all part of a "Higher Plan " and so you would just "let it be " for now and take it all one day at a time ?
I am not normally one of those decisive people . In fact , I usually agonize incessantly to myself about the pros and cons before I make any rash decision on anything . So why did I do it that day ?
Have you ever done something like that ?
Have you ever ?
( ... to be continued ) .

Friday, July 04, 2008

Demolition Donna Detonates The Donuts

.... and we shall rise from the ashes once again to rebuild a bigger and better Tims .
Reopening on July 9th . Be there .

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Proud To Be A Canadian

For thirteen years , this man , Karl Habla of German descent , has put on his walking shoes and led a proud procession of local patriots beginning at Timmins city hall singing " Oh Canada " at the top of his voice . Karl dresses in red and white and wears every Canadian pin and flag he can find . Unintentionally on his part , he has become a local hero and a symbol of our freedom to celebrate our nation's birthday . I am proud of this country I live in and also proud of the unique and brave individuals, like Karl , who wear their pride overtly and with dignity every single day .
Karl is known locally as Mr. Canada ..and with good reason .
Wherever you are today , whoever you are with today , whatever you are doing today ...
Walk proud ... Just like Karl .
Happy Birthday Canada !